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We value the time and quality of travel for your comfort.

Our Fleets

We have a fleet of over 25 Travllers &  ready for lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Tempo Traveller

A 17 to 25 seating capacity luxury va.

Luxury Cabs

Insured, leather interior, rain sensor, air conditioning.

Luxury Buses

Insured, leather interior, rain sensor, air conditioning.

About us

We make sure that your every trip is comfortable

In 2019, Travel Assist Pvt. Ltd. Pune was established, launching its transport services featuring Sedan class vehicles. Our mission revolves around ensuring customer satisfaction through the provision of exceptional and efficient transport services.

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Our Services

We offer wide range of renting services.

Airport Transfers

We provide a dedicated pick-up and drop service to and from the airport for both commercial and individual guests, operating 24/7. Guests can select their preferred vehicle through our dispatch system, and the operational team uses GPS to track the vehicle’s movement and pickups and drops.

Spot Settlements and Outstation Settlements

Through spot settlements, guests can hire a taxi with a chauffeur in livery for 8 hours and 80 kilometers. Our Outstation rental service allows guests to book taxis for one-way trips, paying either based on a package fixed by Travel Assist Pvt. Ltd Transport or a per- kilometer charge.

Employee Transportation

This service is designed for transporting a company’s staff from their residences to their workplace and back. Typically, companies enter into a contract for a specific period, and service-related issues are addressed through regular reviews and feedback. Travel Assist Pvt. LtdTransport appoints a point administrator to oversee the well-trained staff working 24×7, 365 days a year, utilizing tracking devices such as Android Phones and GPS for efficiency.

Tempo Trippers & Luxury Cars

We offer a diverse range of tempo trippers and luxury cars for rent, equipped with comfortable and spacious seats, ensuring maximum comfort for guests during extended journeys. These vehicles are well-maintained and are ideal for group and family trips.

New Age Technology (Electric Mobility)

In response to evolving client requirements and a commitment to a clean environment, we are rapidly transitioning to the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Currently, we have 25 Electric vehicles in our fleet. In the coming months, as improved EV technology becomes available, the company plans to fully embrace the Electric vehicle segment and use conventional energy vehicles as a backup.

Why Choose Us

Our actions are driven by our core values, which include:

24/7 Support

At Travel Assist Pvt. Ltd, we prioritize client satisfaction. Our 24/7 Support service is designed to address client needs around the clock.
1) Resolving complaints
2)Obtaining information about the hired vehicle/driver
3)Arranging an alternate vehicle in case of a breakdown
4)Providing preventive maintenance
5)Monitoring the movement of the vehicle 24/7 through GPS

Safety & Security

We prioritize the safety and security of our guests through diligent efforts. Our drivers undergo a rigorous selection process and receive regular on-the-job training. Most of our drivers have been part of our team for a decade and are on a payroll, a rare practice in the industry. All our taxis are tracked via GPS, and in case of emergencies such as breakdowns, we promptly dispatch an alternative vehicle and driver for the customer. Additionally, we have contingency plans in place for medical emergencies.

Building Relationships

We believe in fostering long-term connections with our guests, understanding their needs, and delivering to the best of our abilities. We engage with customers as partners rather than mere sellers. Our goal is to minimize costs for our guests by conducting a thorough needs analysis and recommending the most suitable solutions.

Strict Compliance

We consistently adhere to all government rules and relevant motor act regulations, ensuring full compliance of our taxis. Our services are provided with meticulous attention to compliance, supported by a dedicated team of educated professionals overseeing these matters. Travel Assist Pvt. Ltd has received accolades and additional business due to its commitment to planning and prioritizing Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS), particularly in the transportation of workers to and from their workplaces.

Taking you anywhere you can imagine.

Not only to parties, weddings, casionos and birthdays, but anywhere you want to go.

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